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World Wide Web

H.P. Lovecraft isn't dead. He survives. From parody to pastiche, from homage to quite deliberate attempts to deny his influence, modern horror writers have wrestled unspeakably with the master for years.

In this collection of Lovecraftian tales, Gary Fry takes the un-dead writer to task in a sequence of pieces which explores everything that can be done with his fiction.

Here you'll see how the Mythos can be used to inform contemporary concerns, to provoke laughter, to make you think, to employ alternative narrative devices, to be experimental, and more.

One novella and six short stories, including an introduction by Mark Morris and an afterword from the author.

Cosmic terror awaits you; indifference is not a choice you can make. Read this book and shudder as the dreadful entities gather and the world grows dim and dangerous.

Cover by Guy Adams

Introduction by Mark Morris

Available in paperback from HUMDRUMMING BOOKS


World Wide Web (novella)
Unnaturally Selected
Servant of the Order
Three is One Too Many or Two Few
In the World
Out of Body, Out of Mind (novelette)
Bodying Forth