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Sanity & Other Delusions

Gary Fry's work has always focused on the thing we think we know best, yet may know least of all: the meandering, labyrinthine mind.

In these six cerebral excursions, everyday life is exposed for the realm of illusions it almost certainly is. Almost. After all, how can we be sure? How can we truly know when the world is more or less than what our psyches make of it? Perhaps other people tell us. Yes, it's them out there, trying to get in here. Keep them out at all costs! Do anything to prevent madness...

If tales of existence slipping awry are what provide your brain with convulsions, then venture into these stories of people on the brink. There's a fine line between sanity and delusions; indeed, the closer you look for it, the more you'll be begin to question whether it's there at all.


Introduction by Stephen Volk

Cover artwork by J K Potter

Available September 2007 from PS PUBLISHING in three editions:


Beggars Belief
The Indelible Strain of Company
No Oil Painting
It Can Also End At Home
The Familial
Projecting Malice