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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

a new cosmic horror novella by
Gary Fry

James Parry thought he moved into his dream home in the country to enjoy his retirement from a stressful life of academia. But he soon finds out the house and its former owner share a peculiar history

There's the mysterious underground room James finds tunneled into his basement, where he discovers an otherworldly machine adorned with strange levers and flashing lights, various handwritten notebooks containing pioneering scientific theories, and crudely drawn pictures of a being that appears anything but human

And then there's the curious silver ball that falls from the sky into his front yard, forcing him to question everything he's ever believed about the nature of the universe. 

Mutator -- it's come so far to dine...


ONLY £2 / $3.70

"Mutator is a great read ... there's plenty plot to be getting on with, and enough gore and gloopiness to satisfy hardened fans of "wet work" ... Mutator is another trademark blend of horror and philosophy -- archetypal Fry -- and further evidence of an author making his mark in the world of weird fiction. I recommend it highly."

-- Dark Musings review

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