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Monday, September 30, 2013

Nine book deal

Yeah, you read it right. A nine book deal. I've been writing fiction for 28 years (about 10 with a mind to publication), and so days like August 31st, 2013 should be treasured.

It was birthday. I got up a bit cross-eyed from the pre-celebration celebrations the previous evening and logged on to my email. And there it was: a communication from Shane Staley over at DarkFuse in the US offering me a three-year deal, involving the publication of three novels and six novellas. I was delighted, as you probably imagine, not just because DF have a real presence in the US horror market, but also because it offers me a regular market for my work, a readership to nurture, a focus and a purpose that is sorely lacking when you're just an odd-jobbing writer trying to hit as many markets as possible in the hope being noticed.

I've already got started on the fiction, first a sequel to my next DF novel (April, 2014) called SEVERED. The follow-up will involve the same character, a guy called Stephen Hobbs who's a reckless academic researcher ("more Indiana Jones than Stephen Hawking," as he puts it). The book will be called FRACTURED.

I also have lots and lots of ideas for the other stuff, and it's really a question of choosing the right projects to retain my growing readership, following the publication of CONJURE HOUSE this summer. I can't wait to get stuck in and I'm greatly looking forward to continuing to interact with a new set of genre fans, as well as working alongside such fine scribes as Ronald Malfi, Greg Gifune, Michael McBride, Jeff Strand and so many more.

Bring it on.


  1. Hey, Gary! Congratulations! Your fiction is one of the reasons I'm seriously considering joining the DF Book Club next year! I've read and loved every one of your novellas, most of your novels (don't have your Christmas tale), and a ton of your shorter works. Keep up the great writing!!
    Bill Rasmussen

  2. Thanks, Bill. That's really kind. I joined the DF bookclub and it's excellent. Not a bad one yet.