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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well, 2013 has gone crazy publication-wise, with no fewer than 3 new books in the pipeline. Let me take them one by one.

EMERGENCE, a novella about strange beings pushing through from a proximate world will be published by DarkFuse early this year. It's an ebook-only publication, a taster for the next book due in July, which is . . .

CONJURE HOUSE (DarkFuse), a Lovecraftian novel with a page-turning narrative and all manner of curious creatures, sinister history, subterranean searches, missing children, cosmic visions, creepy companions and more. I've been tweaking and refining this one for about 4 years, ever since its first draft in 2008 (when it was called GOD'S EYE VIEW, which is a relevant title but makes it sound like a religious manual and was thus changed). Really happy with this one and will reveal more news when I have it. I do know that a limited hardcover, trade paperback and an ebook will be available.

My last new book of 2013 is LURKER (DarkFuse), which I've talked about before on this blog. It's another of my coastal creepshows, just like EMERGENCE above. But where EMERGENCE is all arch and suggestive, LURKER brings on the beast. Available in limited hardcover and ebook editions in November.

In addition, I hope to have news of a few more books. My PS Publishing collection SHADES OF NOTHINGNESS was due late last year, but I guess it's been delayed in Pete's busy schedule. And then there is another novel which has had a troubled path to publication - more to follow on that one asap.

OK, that's all my news, I think. Over and out, folks. Catch ya later.

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