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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creeps from the coast

So in April of this year I have a new book out: how splendid. For me, anyway. And for you, too, I hope. The book is a double novella from Spectral Press, the same fine folk who published my chapbook Abolisher of Roses. The central text is a new piece called 'The Respectable Face of Tyranny', a story I wrote after exploring the north east coast with my partner and dogs. I chanced upon a spooky little place called Saltwick Bay, whose rock goes back millennia and is as spooky as the earth gets. It also harbours - oh, can a writer ask for more latent symbolism? - a rotting boat left over from the First World War. Lots of ideas flowed from these basic elements, and - piff, paff, puff - the novella came into being . . . The book also includes a revised version of my 2006 novella 'World Wide Web', which I was never happy with in its published form and have worked some tricks with since.

The signed limited numbered edition is almost sold out, so head on over to the Spectral website to bag yourself a copy: http://spectralpress.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/the-respectable-face-of-tyranny-by-gary-fry-available-to-pre-order/

Check out the creepy video, too!

Finally, my uber-creepy short story 'The Lurker' will be available this month in Terror Tales of the Cotswolds, the next instalment in Paul Finch's superb series of anthologies set in various parts of the UK.

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