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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Selling out

Well, I'm delighted to report that my new book, the limited edition chapbook ABOLISHER OF ROSES published by the superb new imprint Spectral Press, has SOLD OUT pre-publication. This is most encouraging. Thanks to all who bought it.

The book is part of a new kind of fiction for me, a fusion of story, theme and character that, I hope, lacks some of the clunkiness of my earlier attempts at getting this way of writing right. That's development, isn't it? I can only apologise to all those who witnessed by first goes at this approach. ;)

What else has happened? Had a short novella accepted for a project due out next year - a piece called 'The House of the Rising Son'. Very pleased with this tale and the editor loved it, too. So more news on that when I have it.

I'm still working on my second haunted house novel, DIVIDED SPIRITS. It's about halfway down, and after an extensive rewrite recently, I'm about ready to plough into the second half. I have a week off work soon, so the mental freedom afforded by that might well give me a sudden burst of creativity. On the other hand, I might just - as is far too tempting these days, with my ageing brain floundering under pressure - lig out in the sun. ;)

I have a new novella in mind, something Lovecrafian/Blackwoodian set in a little place down the coast my partner and I visit called Saltwick Bay. If ever there was a great setting for such a piece of fiction, this is it. The rock goes back to the Jurassic period, and when the mist has settled, the sounds of birds squawking remind me of those chittering birdlike dinosaurs in Jurassic Park which spit toxins. That's only one of the images which will go in the tale . . .

Also, may have some news before long about a novel of mine, which was once called ON THE OTHER SIDE but will almost certainly be renamed AN END TO ALL WOES . . . Tune in soon, folks. ;)

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